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KDE Community Announces The Release of KDE 4.1.0

KDE Releases Improved Desktop and Applications Dedicated to Uwe Thiem

July 29, 2008. The KDE Community today released KDE 4.1.0. This release is the second feature release of the KDE 4 series, sporting new applications and newly developed features on top of the Pillars of KDE4. KDE 4.1 is the first KDE4 release to contain the Personal Information Management suite KDE-PIM with its E-Mail client KMail, the planner KOrganizer, Akregator, the RSS feed reader, KNode, the newsgroup reader and many more components integrated into the Kontact shell. Furthermore, the new desktop shell Plasma, introduced in KDE 4.0, has matured to the point where it can replace the KDE 3 shell for most casual users. Like with our previous release much time has been devoted to improving the framework and underlying libraries on which KDE is built.
Dirk Müller, one of KDE's release managers gives numbers: "There have been 20803 commits made from KDE 4.0 to KDE 4.1 along with 15432 translation checkins. Almost 35000 commits have been done in work branches, some of them also being merged into KDE 4.1, so those were not even counted." Müller also tells us that KDE's sysadmin team has created 166 new accounts for developers on KDE's SVN server.