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Flow 'N PlayFlow 'N Play
Beautiful video player with a flow-like mediathek to watch movies with a bit more style.
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piX-visit is a Graphical picture viewer with an blur-like effect, to watch images with more style.
PorDB3 is a collection application for managing your erotic video collection.
It is written in Python with PyQT and works with the PostgeSQL database server.
Supported languages are german and english.
In the zip file you will find an installation instruction as odt ...
A system tray application for the weather status
Glnemo2 is an interactive 3D visualization program which displays particles positions of the different components (gas, stars, disk, dark mater halo, bulge) of an N-body snapshot. It's a very useful tool for everybody running N-body simulations from isolated galaxies to ...
Konversation is a user-friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client built on the KDE Platform.
--- What's new ---
Konversation 1.5.1 is a maintenance release containing only bug fixes. The included changes address several minor behavioral defects and a low-risk DoS ...
Kaqaz - multi-platform note managerKaqaz - multi-platform note manager
Kaqaz is not just an application. It is more like a theory; a theory on which much time has been spent in Sialan Lab to be designed and implemented.
Theory of Kaqaz states that imagine you have a lot of blank papers before you. You can write anything on them you would like ...
Blender Renderfarm: GSORFBlender Renderfarm: GSORF
The Georg-Simon-Ohm Renderfarm (in short GSORF) allows you to connect several computers to distribute the rendering of three-dimensional Blender scenes (.blend) onto those machines.
It features advanced functionality such as stereo3D rendering and distributed Tile Rendering. ...
ITA LANGUAGE: Il codice fiscale in Italia รจ un codice alfanumerico a lunghezza fissa di 16 caratteri, ispirato dall\'uso biblioteconomico, che serve ad identificare in modo univoco ai fini fiscali e amministrativi i cittadini, le associazioni non riconosciute, i contribuenti e ...
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