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Ark Ark
Archiving Tool

Jovie Jovie
KDE Text To Speech Daemon

KAlarm KAlarm
Personal Alarm Scheduler

Kate Kate
Advanced Text Editor

KCalc KCalc
Scientific Calculator

KCharSelect KCharSelect
Character Selector

KFileReplace KFileReplace
Search & Replace Tool

KFind KFind
Find Files/Folders

KFloppy KFloppy
Floppy Formatter

KGpg KGpg
Encryption Tool

Kleopatra Kleopatra
Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI

KMag KMag
Screen Magnifier

KMouseTool KMouseTool
Automatic Mouse Click

KMouth KMouth
Speech Synthesizer Frontend

KNotes KNotes
Popup Notes

KPager KPager
Desktop Pager

KRecipes KRecipes
Cooking Book

KRemoteControl KRemoteControl
Remote Controls

Kronometer Kronometer

Krusader Krusader
File Manager

KSig KSig
Signature Editor

KTimer KTimer
Countdown Launcher

KWrite KWrite
Text Editor

Okteta Okteta
Hex Editor

RSIBreak RSIBreak
Helps you fight RSI

Smb4K Smb4K
Advanced Network Neighborhood Browser

Sweeper Sweeper
System Cleaner

Zanshin Zanshin
TODO Management Application