Many people have questions concerning the KDE project, KDE applications or their operating system and do not know how to find the answer. This summary provides some useful resources you can use to answer any related questions.

The first step is to decide which type of question you have. If it's related to using KDE applications, then see section 1. If you are doing KDE development, see section 2. If your question is related to your operating system (e.g. "my sound system does not work"), see section 3. Finally, if you have discovered a bug in some KDE software, see section 4.

  1. Getting General Support
  2. Development Platform
  3. OS Specific Questions
  4. Reporting KDE Software Bugs

OS Specific Questions

If your question does not directly involve KDE software, please do not post the question on the "normal" KDE mailing lists. Examples of questions that do not directly involve the KDE applications: my sound card does not work. In that case, please direct your questions at sites devoted to helping users of that system. For example, for GNU/Linux questions you may try looking at, or the kde-linux mailing list mentioned above. If you are not using GNU/Linux, you might want to try the kde-nonlinux mailing list. Specially, if you are using KDE software on Windows you can refer to the KDE-windows mailing list.

Also particularly useful are searches on your favorite search engine, such as Google, and searches on the Usenet archives.

In addition, many OS distributors have their own mailing lists which can address distribution-specific issues. You can find out more about these mailing lists at your distribution's website.

Reporting KDE Software Bugs

Please report all KDE bugs and feature requests at The site has a nice bug-reporting form and will permit far easier tracking of bugs than an email to a list.