This page tries to present as much as possible of the very nummerous problem corrections and feature additions occurred in KDE between version 1.1 and the current, 1.1.1. The changes descriptions were kept brief. The main characteristic of the present release is stability, rock solid stability. Thanks to all involved. Thanks to the users for their great moral support.

Update kuser Author: Denis Pershin

Removed because of misleading messages possibly leading to system damage. Fixing the messages would have required every translator to update the translated messages, which was not possible due to lack of time.

Update kcontrol Author: collective

  • geometry layout improved in kcmkwm/Buttons tab
  • fix an enabling handle on kcmkwm/Advanced tab
Update kdm Author: Steffen Hansen, Matthias Ettrich

  • fixed X vs. gpm race condition
  • allow $'s in show/non-show user lists
Update kfm Author: Torben Weis, David Faure, ...

  • Security fix when starting applications (making sure standard file descriptors aren't closed) (Thanks to Dirk A. Mueller <dmuell@gmx.net>)
  • Support for IE favourites files in the bookmark
    (Thanks to Sven Dowideit <svenud@ozemail.com.au>)
  • "Volume Management" support for Solaris 2.x
    (Thanks to Torsten Kasch <tk@Genetik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>)
    Usage : place a Device.kdelnk on your desktop with device entries like /dev/diskette0, /dev/diskette1, /dev/dsk/c0t6d0s2 (for SCSI CD-ROM drives at controller 0, SCSI-ID 6)
  • Passive mode transfer used for FTP, if available (enables FTP for users behind a firewall)
    (Thanks to Peter Gruber <peter.gruber@stud.uni-regensburg.de>)
  • Support for Windows NT FTP server (IIS), any NT version.
    (Thanks to Jens Kristian Søgaard <jk@soegaard.net>)
  • Fixed encoded paths for FTP with FTP proxy
  • Detect if kfm is already running, to prevent bugs happening with two kfm running
  • Fixed files not being removed from /tmp in some cases
    (Thanks to Dirk A. Mueller <dmuell@gmx.net>)
  • Fixed cache bugs (duplicates, warning on startup)
  • Fixed mime detection on very small files
    (Thanks to Stan Covington <stan@calderasystems.com>)
  • Fixed popupmenu displaying both entries when a global and a local kdelnk exist for an application (and allow to disable a global applnk bound to some mimetypes)
  • Some menu items moved, no more cache menu : options in the options menu, show history and show cache moved with Applications and Mimetypes.
  • Fixed 'Show HTML' setting not restored (by session management and local properties)
  • Fixed "renaming a link to a directory renamed the directory itself" (!)
  • Fixed another dangerous bug : moving something and having no right to write to the destination, the source was deleted anyway (if selecting "Continue")
  • Fixed red menu bar (for root) turning back to gray
  • Fixed device icon not updated when device mounted/unmounted (if icon in a kfm window)
  • (HTML widget) ; fixed displaying of entities missing trailing ';' (bad html)
  • Fixed crash on redirection to invalid URL
  • Fix for users setting $HOME with a trailing slash
  • Re-enable output of launched apps to be seen in the terminal (was a mis-guided attempt at fixing the security bug explained in the first item)
  • Removed debug output (as was done in the rest of KDE)
  • Fixed User-Agent handling problems.
  • Fixed some problems related to cookies.
Update kikbd Author: Alexander Budnik (maintained by C. Tibirna)

  • The following keyboards were added: International English (all accented characters on a normal US keyboard), Icelandic, French Swiss, German Swiss, Dvorak, Croatian, Italian, Spanish-Latin American, Thai, Romanian, Portuguese, Portuguese with supplementary accents, Hellenic-Latin1, Hellenic-Latin7. Many thanks to the numerous willful contributors
  • The window creation event grab (which was buggy thus rendered kikbd unusual occasionally) is fixed now. Big big gratitude to Dimitrios Bouras for tracking down the bug and then fixing it.
  • added support for extended Compose key, necessary for a few complex key maps (like greek-latin7). Thanks to Dimitrios Bouras
  • occasional crash on Solaris caused by event handling problems is fixed
Update kpanel Author: Matthias Ettrich and collab.

  • background pixmap automatically rotated 90 degrees when panel changes orientation
  • Panel clock is now more accurate and reliable
Update kscreensaver Author: Martin Jones and collab.

  • Area under password dialog redrawn/cleared to background color
  • Small screensaver window bug fixed
  • Detects large variation in time and resets timeout (e.g. APM suspends).
  • Screensaver does not lock if the mouse or keyboard has been grabbed.
  • Screensaver window will always stay on top.
Update kvt Maintainer: Leon Widdershoven
Some bugs have been fixed, especially GUI related bugs. Since this program is being replaced by konsole, no new features have been added.
Update kwm Author: Matthias Ettrich

  • manual placement now places the window under the mouse cursor and doesn't warp cursor anymore.
  • Bugfix for GTK 1.2.x windows pop up iconified (i.e. Gimp)
Update kprocess Author: Waldo Bastian

  • Sometimes the termination of a child process was missed: Fixed.
  • restore SIGPIPE handler in spawned child processes.
Update kquickhelp Author: Mario Weilguni

  • Fixed crash on HP-UX and NetBSD systems
Update mediatool library Author: Christian Esken

  • Fixed a security problem - a temp race that allowed overwriting other users files. Thanks to Paul Boehm of the HERT group, who reported this issue to KDE.
Update khtmlw Author: Martin Jones and Waldo Bastain

  • Various rendering improvements and bug fixes
Update kmid Author: Antonio Larrosa

  • Support for 2.2.x Linux kernels sound drivers
  • Fixes for a too high pitch of AWE cards
  • Some workarounds for compiler bugs
  • Better support for broken karaokes
  • Other bugfixes
  • Raised version to 1.7
Update kmidi Author: Bernd Wuebben
  • Bugfix for Prev and Next buttons (thanks to John Birch )
  • Timidity fix from Martin Weghofer
    Update kscd Author: Bernd Wuebben
  • Fixed length of last title
  • SCO Openserver 5.0 and SONY CDU-76S support contributed by Dag Nygren
  • Prevent crash if CDDB directory is empty (thanks to Petter Reinholdtsen)
    Update kmail Author: Stefan Taferner, Markus Wuebben

    Changes since 1.1

  • Displays number of unread messages in each folder (DS)
  • You can view image attachments inline (SR)
  • You can view (non-inline) attachments directly in kmail (for message, image, text and html types) (SR)
  • Encrypted pop password in config file (bug 884) (ST, from MR)
  • Enhanced interaction with kfm (JK)
  • Multipart/Alternative handling (not perfect, still) (SR)
  • Updated documentation (ST)
  • Improved readability when using a light text on dark background colour scheme (DS)
  • Improved return and arrow key navigation/completion in composer (SR)
  • HTML widget honours the selected font size (it uses it as base font size) (SR)
  • Context sensitive menus in message list and folder list. (bug 1016) (SR)
  • KMail removes Bcc header field before sending messages (and adding it afterwards). (ST)

    Bugfixes since 1.1

  • Inline html attachments: strip </body> and </html> from end of html attachment to allow optional further attachments to be displayed. (SR)
  • PGP memory leak fixed (WA)
  • Fixed broken composer: message bodies did not show up upon reply. (ST)
  • Fix against empty header fields (ST)
  • More robust behavior in case of disaster: Never send signal to pid 0 = don't crash whole KDE. (bug 1140) (SR)
  • Fixed Drag and Drop to folders (bugs 614, 1019 and 941) (DS)
  • Ignore any sub-directory found in Mail directory. (SR)
  • Use paths.h if found, and delete critical lock files with unlink. (SR, thanks to Harri P)
  • No more messages that stubbornly remain unread (bug 656) (DS)
  • Stopped the checking mail dialog from taking the focus. (DS)
  • Stopped the current message from getting scrolled to the top when (interval) mail checking fires. (DS)
  • Sort the current folder when new mail arrives, so that new mail isn't always appended to the end of the current folders message list window. (DS)
  • Bugfix against pgp-thinks-very-long-before-starting-bug (LK)
  • Fixed #179. KMail checks now if message is delivered to the folder before deleting it from the spool/pop server. (SR)
  • Added a semaphore to not start interval checking when already an interval check is running. (ST)
    Update kppp Author: Mario Weilguni, Harri Porten, Bernd Wuebben

    • fixed helper process crash occurring when binaries were compiled with the NDEBUG switch (SuSE, Caldera).
    • fixed bug causing occasional "Timeout expired" errors (thanks to Ian Gordon).
    • solved alignment problems on Alpha architectures (thanks to Martin Ostermann).
    • improved parsing of modem data and therefore the detection of the connect rate.
    • support of pppd 2.3.6 and pppd 2.3.7.
    • `lock' in /etc/ppp/options will be ignored.
    Update kedit Author: Bernd Wuebben
  • Use "Save As..." on "Untitled" documents (was broken in non-English mode)
  • Fixed background colors of dialogs (thanks to Alex Hayward)
  • Fixed printing of documents with spaces in their file name
    Update knotes Author: Bernd Wuebben
  • fixed crashes and possible data loss
  • docking is optional
  • fixed session management
    Update kpm Author: Mario Weilguni
  • It's again possible to dock it into panel
  • Fix crash when using Linux >= 2.2.2
  • Fix for showing wrong values for process time sometimes
  • Fix for crash when right-clicking into window
    New ktop Author: collective, Chris Schlaeger
    KTop is the new KDE Task Manager. It displays the processes running on a computer in list and tree form. Processes can be killed and various other signals can be send. It also features a processor load and memory usage graph. On Linux SMP systems a load graph will be displayed for each processor.