Stephan Kulow, Master of the CVS, wearing ad interim the togue of the Master of the Great Release, announced today, 6 February 1999 at 21h17 (CET), that the latest and greatest KDE version, KDE-1.1, is released: "OK, I tagged [the CVS repository] with 1_1_RELEASE and put that tagged version on". Wait for binary package sets to appear any time now for the different Unix platforms.

Again, at this moment of celebration, our gratitude is addressed to the excellent community of KDE developers for their selfless work and to the millions of users which, by constant support and encouragement, by bug reports and by features suggestions, made KDE possible, and the nice, more than two years long, history of our project, a glorious one. Thank you all!

ATTENTION: this Change Log is nowhere near complete. The changes descriptions were kept brief. There are many applications for which the authors didn't have the time (or found it less essential than coding) to submit a list of changes. These applications are not present in this page. However, there is very little code in KDE which wasn't revisited since KDE-1.0. The main result is a much more stable and a faster version, the already well known KDE-1.1. Thanks to all involved. Thanks to the users for their great moral support.

Also, please note that thanks to the excellent team of artists which help KDE look beautiful, a new, improved, nicer set of icons, backgrounds, textures, are available in KDE-1.1. Torsten Rahn kindly provided the beatiful KDE logo which now appears on the panel and in the help and web pages.

New kdat Author: Sean Vyain

A backup tool with GUI

  • Uses tar Unix tool
  • Some more functionality has to be added
Update ksysv Author: Peter Putzer

  • complete rewrite
  • documentation now available
Update kuser Author: Denis Pershin

  • better support for NIS configurations
Update kappfinder Author: Matthias Hoelzer

  • new icons
  • more non-KDE applications supported
New KPlayAudio Author: Christian Esken

  • New non-GUI audio playback program to playback audio files using the regular KDE sound system.
New kcheckpass Author: Christian Esken

This new tool assures complete independence of the usual KDE applications from the need to be run SUID. This achievement, due to Christian Esken and a few colaborators, has a major importance, allowing to close much of the potential security problems characteristic to SUID programs.

  • plain password, PAM and shadow security models supported
Update kcontrol Author: collective

  • new info modules: devices, DMA-chanels, Interrupts ...
  • keyboard shortcuts configuration
  • international keyboard configuration
  • KPanel configuration
  • much of KWM's options now supported
  • KFM's configuration, now detached from the browser, is split in "File Manager" and "Browser" configuration
  • much improved display configuration with support for random backgrounds, background image cache configuration and more
  • new support for style configuration - it is an incipient form of the much enhanced style/themes support to be brought later (KDE-2.0)
Update kdehelp Author: Martin Jones

  • Find - a find in the page function, with case sensitiveness
  • RosettaMan - support for the excellent man page translator
Update kdm Author: Steffen Hansen, Matthias Ettrich

  • many bug fixes
Update kfm Author: Torben Weis (maintained by David Faure)

  • Find - a find in the page function, with case sensitiveness
  • per-URL settings saving - configurable
  • more charsets support
  • charset support in frames
  • history (Up/Down buttons) for frames - frames browsing kept into account
  • detached configuration GUI - use `kcmkfm` or the K Control Panel
  • short view
  • "Tree View" syncronizes with browsing
  • icon title colors - now configurable through the "Configure" dialog
  • fusion of global & local mimetypes directories - (same for applications)
  • Key navigation - enter the first letters of the filename
  • Copy/Paste for text - HTML pages and edit fields
  • Support for cookies
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Improved rendering
  • Support for PNG
  • Better handling of frames
  • Lots of small fixes
Update kikbd Author: Alexander Budnik (maintained by C. Tibirna)

International Keyboard selector/configurator (author Alexander Budnik, many collaborators)

  • select keyboard at runtime
  • saves keyboard settings - per-application, or per window class, or globally
  • docked in the panel
  • highly configurable
Update kmenuedit Author: Christoph Neerfeld

  • many improvements in the user interface metaphor
Update konsole Author: Lars Doelle

Unix terminal emulator for X. Aimed to replace kvt

  • highly configurable - through menus or a configuration applet
  • pixmapped background
Update kpanel Author: Matthias Ettrich and collab.

  • added Disk Navigator to KPanel for filesystem navigation from the KPanel menu
  • hide animation - configurable speed
  • left and right hide/show handles
  • autohide for panel and taskbar
  • 'Edit Menus' menu entry
  • right-mouse-button contextual menu aside launch buttons
  • panel at display's right side possible now
  • faster menu loading by load-on-demand
  • creation and loading of menus on demand, i.e. faster startup with less disk access
  • more drag- and drop functionality
  • more configuration options
  • generic KPanel improvements
  • added the KDiskNavigator tab to the KPanel configuration module
Update krootwm Author: Matthias Ettrich and collab.

  • MacOS-like menubar support
Update kscreensaver Author: collective

  • Screensavers have been reworked. There is no need to run them SUID root anymore, enhancing security greatly. A new authentication helper application is used instead. (kcheckpass)
  • new screensavers: science, bsod ...
Update kstart Author: Matthias Ettrich

Replaces KStartOnDesk application. Serves as KDE-compatible application launcher, allowing to indicate launching options specific to the KDE desktop. Options

  • -sticky
  • -on-desktop # where # is the desired desktop
Update kvt Author: Matthias Ettrich

The author of this terminal emulator considers it almost obsolete and encourages the use of konsole instead.

  • howevermany security and sesion management fixes have been done
Update kwm Author: Matthias Ettrich

  • configurable key and mouse bindings
  • smart (de-)iconify animation together with the taskbar
  • autoadjust of maximized windows
  • support for a common menubar similar to MacOS
  • more visual configuration options for theme designers
  • more tweaking to deal with low end graphic cards and incapable X-servers.
  • kstart utility to launch legacy applications with certain window properties applied
Update kwmcom Author: Matthias Ettrich

  • new command options most notable being support for the Window Maker windowmanager.
New kpagerAuthor: Antonio Larrosa

Another KWM-compatible desktop pager.

  • desktop mini-view reading kbgndwm settings
  • move windows across desktops
  • on-pager window resize
  • global desktop for defining sticky windows
All the games were upgraded to KDE-1.1. There are no significant additions, but a lot of bugfixes were performed
Update kview Author: Sirtaj Singh Kang

KView was completely rewritten and now has a better interface, including new features like good configurability, a full-screen mode and support for TIFF, PNG and XVPICs image formats.

New kab Author: Mirko Sucker

This is the start for a common addressbook library which will be used soon by all KDE applications who need such a library. Initial use of this library is available in KOrganizer.

Update kfile Author: Stephan Kulow

  • much improved keyboard navigation in the filedialog
Update kimgio Author: Sirtaj Singh Kang

This is the first version of KDE shipped with the KDE Image IO library, which adds KDE-wide support for additional image formats. New formats with this release are: PNG, TIFF and XVPICs.

Update kmid Author: Antonio Larrosa

  • ChannelView to see the notes played by each instrument and change the instrument used in each channel
  • Volume slider
  • Tempo is modifiable to play songs faster or slower
  • Better support for really corrupted midi files
  • Fixed an important bug related to songs losing the rhythm and playing at a changing tempo which many users reported
  • Beginnings of SoftOSS support
Update kmix Author: Christian Esken

  • fixes regarding session management and more
Update kmail Author: Stefan Taferner, Markus Wuebben

Many bug fixes. A few highly requested features have been also added (like displaying "Sender" field in incoming folders). The main accent was on increasing the stability.

Update knu Author: Bertrand Leconte

  • mtr support added. mtr is a tool that can make a traceroute to a host and make a ping for each hop found.
Update kppp Author: Mario Weilguni, Harri Porten, Bernd Wuebben

  • throughput graph
  • debugging aid
  • enhanced security - separated GUI frontend and SUID backend
  • Quickhelp feature
  • new and updated rule files
  • many usability improvements and bugfixes
Update krn Author: Roberto Alsina

The mandatory bugfixes were applied.

New ksirc Author: Andrew Stanley-Jones

KSirc improved a lot and has consolidated its position as one of the best IRC clients available for Unix GUI.

It also served as a trial field for a series of KDE inventions and inovations (a memory alloc checker for C++, a dynamic shortcut configurator for menus etc.)

Update ktalkd Author: David Fauré

Now in kdenetwork, ktalkd is an enhanced talk daemon - a program to handle incoming talk requests, announce them and allow you to respond to it using a talk client. It features :

  • Answering machine
  • Sound playing with the announcement
  • Multiple displays annoucement
  • Support for otalk and ntalk
  • Forwarding capability
This section isn't yet released with the others KDE packages. Although, many distributors prefer to distribute this little gem too, given the excellent code found in there. The applications included will hopefully reach a more stable status soon, and thus will be included in the main packages.
Update kcharselect Author: Reginald Stadlbauer

Nice character selector with X-Window copy/paste support

Update kcmbind Author: Karl Backström, Olof Wolgast

A GUI configurator for BIND. Compatible with KControl

Update kcmdhcpd Author: Karl Backström

A GUI configurator for DHCPd. Compatible with KControl

Update kcmkpanel2 Author: Pietro Iglio

The next generation panel configuration. Already used in post-1.1 KDE development versions.

Update kcrontab Author: Michael Bialas

Nice crontab GUI. Ever struggled with crontab syntax? It's finished now.

Update kexpress Author: Peter Wichert

An easy-to-use Newsreader, now with lots of fixed bugs 8-)

  • offline read/write
  • more than one news-server, tree view
  • full threading
Update kglchess Author: Bernd Johannes Wuebben

3D chessboard.

Update kgnuplot Author: Bernd Johannes Wuebben

A better X interface for gnuplot.

Update kmail2 Author: Stefan Taferner

The next generation KMail. Still in alpha phase.

Update knetmon Author: Alexander Neundorf

A network monitor with support for Samba. Allows a nice integration in a windows network.

Update korn Author: Sirtaj Singh Kang

A much better korn. Very usable. Still, the author wants to work it more before releasing it.

Update kpackage Author: Toivo Pedaste

The much praised KDE package manager. Supports very well RPM and DEB formats. In post-1.1 releases, it's already included in the kdeadmin package.

Update kpanel2 Author: Pietro Iglio

  • KPanel2 is a major clean up of KPanel source code. Among the added features there is full drag'n'drop support (user can drag icons from the K-menu to the panel, move and delete menu entries, move/copy files using KDiskNavigator, etc.) and contextual menus on menu entries.
Update kthememgr Author: Stefan Taferner

Want installing KDE themes with a click of a button? You have it. The author wants to add saving support. Also, support for the new theme-ing features in Qt-2.0 will be added soon.

Update kticker Author: Paul Dwerryhouse

News ticker. Supports, among others, Freshmeat and Slashdot.

Update ktop Author: collective, Chris Schlaeger

The new KDE Task Manager.

  • Complete re-write of the code.
  • Qt 1.4x and KDE 1.x compatible.
  • Several bugs fixed. A lot more user friendly.
  • Easier to port to other flavours of UNIX.
Update libkmedia Author: Christian Esken

New and improved media library. Hopefully, will contain support for network shared multimedia.

Update libkmsg Author: Stefan Taferner

The KDE's mailing library. To be used in the future by all the KDE applications which will need e-mail support. Now it's only used by kmail2.

Update maudio2 Author: Christian Esken

New (better) version of the maudio tool.

Update webmaker Author: Alexei Dets

HTML editor for KDE.

  • nice GUI interface;
  • menus, toolbar and dialogs for tag editing - like HomeSite and asWedit;
  • multiple windows support;
  • full HTML 4.0 support;
  • preview for <IMG> tag;
  • color selectors for bgcolor and other color attributes;
  • color syntax highlighting;
  • preview with external browser (Netscape);
  • ability to filter editor content through any external program that support stdin/stdout interface;
  • customisable toolbars.
Update kappgen Author: Matthias Hoelzer

Automatic applications generator with a GUI. The immediate result is a compilable application, complete with configure and makefile scripts. The user only has to add some amount of specific code

New kapptemplate Author: Kurt Granroth

Another KDE application generator, working only in console mode. Preferred by some for its ease of use.

Update kdedoc Author: Sirtaj S. Kang, Torben Weis

Documentation tools

New kdepalettes Author: Daniel M. Duley

The officially approved color palettes to be used by graphic artists and authors when writing KDE-related things. Respecting these palettes assures a small color hog of KDE over X-Window.

Update kdesgmltools Author: Panayotis Vryonis, Bernd Wuebben

Documentation tools. An adapted sgml tools version. Generates KDE-specific formatted documentation from SGML code.

Update kexample Author:

A live example (and template) of a KDE application.

Update ktranslator Author: Andrea Rizzi

Translation tool. Allows automation of GUI translation tasks.

Update scripts Author: Sirtaj Singh Kang

Valuable scripts like cvs2pack and cxxmetrics.

Update QwSpriteField Author: Warwick Allison

A highly performant canvas widget. Considered by testers much more efficient than Tk canvas or other similar offers on the free software scene.

Update kmoon Author: Stephan Kulow

A moon phase watcher. Just sits on the panel and stares at you :-). Especially valuable for those with a near-to-nature soul.

Update kworldwatch Author: Matthias Hölzer-Klüpfel

The time, the day and the night all over our small planet. For an international project, like KDE, this is a nice tool to have :-)

Update mouse Author: Armen Nakashian

Computer mice are long lasting runners. This is a pedometer for your beloved mouse.

New ark Author: Robert Palmbos

Replaces the old KZip program. The change was needed because of a name conflict with a system tool on FreeBSD

New kab Author: Mirko Sucker

Update karm Author: Sirtaj Singh Kang

  • Added configurable keybindings.
  • i18n and Solaris support.
  • Some bugfixes.
Update kcalc Author: Bernd Wuebben

A notable fix for statistic calculations was made.

Update kedit Author: Bernd Wuebben

Update to KDE-1.1, bug fixes, maintainance (it was already very stable in KDE-1.0).

Update klipper Author:

An easy to use cut & paste history, accessible via KPanel or a configurable shortcut

New kwrite Author: Jochen Wilhelmy

Nice, color-syntax capable, advanced editor

  • programming languages support: C/C++, HTML, Python and many others
  • unlimited undo
  • many more
Update   Author: Matthias Ettrich and collab.

  • many bugs fixes and improvements were added.
  • there is an effort in course, to align KLyX to LyX-1.0
Update   Author: Preston Brown and collab.

  • a large amount of functionality was added
  • rock solid and stable. Many bugs squashed :-)
  • support for PalmPilot conduits.